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Useful Resources

Here are some pieces we think might be useful. 
The world of finance can be big and confusing. There are so many resources all around the Internet, that it can be a bit overwhelming. Here we've compiled some resources that we think are worth checking out.
Quarter 1 2024 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 1 2024.
Quarter 4 2023 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 4 2023.
Quarter 3 2023 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 3 2023.
Quarter 2 2023 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 2 2023.
Quarter 1 2023 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 1 2023.
Regional Bank Weakness 
In this piece, we recap the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, provide our view on the risk that their collapse may pose to the broader financial system, and outline potential impacts on the trajectory of interest rates and markets.
Quarter 4 2022 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 4 2022.
Our thoughts on the 2022 midterm elections 
In this piece, we cover the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections as well as the implications of that outcome on the policy environment in Washington, the operating environment for companies, and the landscape for investors.
Quarter 3 2022 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 3 2022.
Quarter 2 2022 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 2 2022.
Inflation Outlook - June 2022 
A slide deck outlining our thoughts on the inflation we've been experiencing recently.
Quarter 1 2022 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 1 2022.
Quarter 4 2021 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 4 2021.
Quarter 3 2021 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 3 2021.
Social Security Retirement Estimator 
As a Leeward client you will receive comprehensive retirement planning, but here is a quick link to the IRS benefit estimator if you'd like to check your own.
ETF's Explained! 
Not sure what an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is?
Who We Are At Leeward 
A snapshot from a publication that really highlights why we do what we do here at Leeward.
Be a Fiduciary to Yourself 
What it means to be a fiduciary to yourself.
Quarter 2 2021 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 2 2021.
Quarter 1 2021 Commentary 
Our commentary from Quarter 1 2021.
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Not sure what something means? 
The world of finance has a LOT of complex jargon and terminology. We've put together a quick glossary of terms to help!
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12b-1 fee

A mutual fund fee, named for the SEC rule that permits it, used to pay for broker-dealer compensation and other distribution costs. If a fund has a 12b-1 fee, it will be disclosed in the fee table of the fund's prospectus.

Annualized Return

Represents the average annual return over a period of years, taking into account the effect of compounding.

Asset allocation

The process of dividing investments/asset classes among cash, income and growth buckets with the goal of optimizing the balance between risk and reward.

Asset class

Securities with similar features. The most common asset classes are stocks, bonds and cash equivalents.

Average maturity

For a bond fund or ETF, the average of the stated maturity dates of the debt securities in the portfolio. Also called average weighted maturity. Generally, the longer the average maturity, the greater the fund's sensitivity to interest-rate changes, which means greater price fluctuation. A shorter average maturity usually means a less sensitive - and consequently, less volatile - portfolio.

Bear market

A bear market is a prolonged period of falling stock prices, usually marked by a decline of 20% or more over at least a 2-month period. A smaller decline of 10-20% is considered a correction. The opposite of a bull market.


A measurement of volatility against an index where 1 is neutral; above 1 is more volatile; and less than 1 is less volatile than the index.

Blend stock

Generally though of as a company that has some characteristics of a growth stock but is maturing as a company. It does not yet have all the characteristics of a value stock.

Blue chip stocks

A high-quality, relatively low-risk investment; the term usually refers to stocks of large, well-established companies that have performed well over a long period. The term Blue Chip is borrowed from poker, where the blue chips are the most valuable.


A bond acts like a loan or an IOU that is issued by a corporation, municipality, or the U.S. government. The issuer promises to repay the full amount of the loan on a specific date and pay a specified rate of return for the use of the money to the investor at specific time intervals.

Bull market

Any market in which prices are advancing in an upward trend. In general, someone is bullish if they believe the value of a security or market will rise. The opposite of a bear market.

Capital gain

The difference between a security's purchase price and its selling price when the difference is positive.

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