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Estate Planning & Philanthropic Strategy

Determine the future disposition of your assets

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Designating Heirs for Your Assets

Did you know you need an estate plan, regardless of how little or how much you have? In fact, it’s one of the kindest things you can do for your family—get your financial affairs in order and protect your beneficiaries for the future.

If you think you’re all set because you already have a will, your focus is too narrow. An estate plan goes much further than a will. Not only does it encompass the distribution of assets and legacy wishes, but it can help minimize taxes, fees and court costs for your heirs.

At Leeward Financial Partners, we are experts in estate planning. We can help you design a comprehensive estate plan that gives you total peace of mind. Among the questions we’ll explore with you:

  • Do you have adequate life insurance?
  • Should you set up a revocable living trust?
  • How can we minimize your heirs’ tax bill?
  • Have you considered education funding for family members?
  • Are you planning an intergenerational transfer of assets?
  • Have you given thought to business succession?
  • Are you interested in making any philanthropic donations?
Link Your Legacy to Giving

Historically, Americans tend to be among the world’s most charitable people. We gave a record $471 billion to charity in 2020, according to Fortune Daily.  Donors—big and small—are willing and able to step up and meet the needs of others.

Some people choose to link their philanthropic choices to broader planning financial planning initiatives. If that’s something you’d like to consider, we’ll encourage you to share your values, priorities and expectations with us. Then we can make recommendations to guide you in fulfilling your philanthropic aspirations.

We can help you:

  • Determine and articulate what legacy you wish to leave
  • Frame your philanthropic gifts to align with your goals
  • Explore tax implications
  • Maximize the intended impact of your gift

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